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DIN RAIL BRACKETS Download Catalog

E-Rail offers a complete line of competitively priced DIN rail brackets.   Manufactured to the level of quality you expect, these RoHS compliant DIN rail brackets are available both angled or straight in sizes from 20 mm to 90 mm.  Each bracket has a 6 mm tapped top hole and oblong mounting holes.

BAB50 Bracket

BAB50 - RoHS compliant 50 mm angled mounting bracket #100.116.

BSB50 Bracket Drawing
BAB78 Bracket

BAB78 - RoHS compliant 78 mm angled mounting bracket #100.109.

BAB78 Bracket Drawing
BSB20 Bracket

BSB20 - RoHS compliant 20 mm straight mounting bracket #100.201.

BSB20 Bracket Drawing
BSB25 Bracket

BSB25 - RoHS compliant 25 mm straight mounting bracket #100.251.

BSB25 Bracket Drawing
BSB30 Bracket

BSB30 - RoHS compliant 30 mm straight mounting bracket #100.310.

BSB30 Bracket Drawing
BSB40 Bracket

BSB40 - RoHS compliant 40 mm straight mounting bracket #100.441.

BSB40 Bracket Drawing
BSB50 Bracket

BSB50 - RoHS compliant 50 mm straight mounting bracket #100.501.

BSB50 Bracket Drawing
BSB70 Bracket

BSB70 - RoHS compliant 70 mm straight mounting bracket #100.706.

BSB70 Bracket Drawing
BSB90 Bracket

BSB90 - RoHS compliant 90 mm straight mounting bracket #100.904.

BSB90 Bracket Drawing

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